A Shared Journey

We may come to a time in our lives when we feel distressed, confused, emotionally drained or emotionally overwhelmed. This is a time when sharing our distress can help us to cope and move forward.

Coming to a counsellor for the first time is like taking a giant leap of faith.  It may well be the most important and life changing decision that you will ever make.

A counsellor can accompany you on your journey and support you in taking up the challenges ahead.

In counselling we can learn new ways of living.  These new life skills can really change how we relate to others and how they relate to us.

Please feel free to contact me, with absolutely no Obligations.
Contact Information:
Name: John Connolly
Email: jjconnolly@live.com
Mob: 087 2028146

I work in Castletroy on Fridays and Saturdays
I work in Raheen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

I am in the process of developing this website so please call back to see further updates.